CyberSecurity: The Core Basics

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KiwiRail's Cyber Security team has partnered with NINJIO to build corporate awareness training. NINJIO's core mission is to protect end users from cyber threats so they can protect their organisations and their families.


Episode 1:  Spear Phishing 

In this NINJIO episode, all the sirens in the city of Dallas go off and as a result, an elderly man thinks that the city is being attacked.  He then starts to have a heart-attack and emergency services are too overloaded to respond due to the sirens.  Watch to see what happens next!

Episode 2: Business Email Compromise

After her husbands wrongful arrest, Megan desperately researches what might have led to stolen identity. She uncovers a case of Business Email Compromise and hurries to share what she's learned with their lawyer.

Episode 3: Weak Passwords

When faced with a blackmail threat regarding embarrassing messages, Emily tries to understand how the hackers might have accessed her account. Weak password practices could be to blame.

Episode 4: Ransomware

Free charging cables and other swag? Its difficult to complain about that - but with some planning from hackers, those charging cables could be something a little more sinister.

CyberSecurity Awareness Training